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The Blind Social Center

The Blind Social Center (TBSC) provides a meeting place where blind and visually impaired individuals come together in a supportive and inclusive environment.



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Meet the Blairs

Tony Blair
Connie Blair

Our Goal

Shedding Light on Blindness

An Exiting New Title

Meet the Author November 8, 2020

Join us in Congratulations to the Accomplished Author/Publicist
TBSC Patron Mrs. Eunice Riddle.

First off, this book is written by someone who is blind. Have you ever wondered what it was like to be blind? Do you know someone who is blind? This book will explain the hardships of being blind and how you can help others who are blind. Some help was needed regarding editing as you can imagine. This book also includes journal entries written 100% by Eunice on a computer.

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About Eunice Riddle


Year Anniversary!

Happy 6th Year Business Anniversary!

On August 21st, TBSC started with a few, but now we are many, not just in numbers but in creativity. Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Blair & TBSC family. We have just begun to do great things!

Art by the Visually Impaired

How those without sight paint