501(c)(3) Organization

Some Do's and DON'Ts

That Help Us Feel Better About Each Other

When you see that I am blind, DO offer me your arm; DON'T take my arm and propel me by the elbow.

DO keep doors either fully opened or fully closed, not projecting out in my path, and DO keep all cabinet doors closed. They can be hazardous.

When entering the room, DO tell me who you are. (I might guess wrong.) When you leave, I'd like to that too. DON'T walk away and leave me talking to myself.

When you have cooking utensils on the stove top, DO keep the handles turned in towards the stove to prevent very serious accidents.

DO be specific when giving me directions. Please DON'T use phrases such as "Right there" and "Over here."

DON'T leave extension cords out where I will trip over them, but put them under a rug or behind furniture.

One thing that is important to me is that you know your right from your left. DO be accurate when giving directions for "Right" and "Left," remembering that when you face me, the directions for me are opposite from those for you.

DO secure throw rugs to prevent tripping and sliding.

When directing me to a location that is not familiar, DO establish a point of reference that is familiar to me. For example, tell me the object is to the right of the door.

When we eat together, DO tell me what is on my plate and the position of each item by the clock method; for example, "Meat is at six o'clock and peas, at two o'clock."

If you handle anything that belongs to me, DO return it to its appointed place; DON'T move my belongings without telling me specifically where they are.

DO be consistent in where you place dishes and table service when preparing for a meal.

DO keep passageways and stairs clear.

DO encourage me to help with household tasks, and DO be patient as it may take me a little bit longer.

If you buy a new piece of furniture or decide to rearrange a room, DO let me know about the changes.

DO talk directly to me, and DON'T address me through a third person.

DO remove items from chairs and sofas, and DO place dining chairs under tables if that is their usual place.

DO speak distinctly because I depend a lot on sound, but DON'T yell. My being blind does not mean I cannot hear.

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